Translation selection

You can change the translation of the Bible text in the search field on the right by clicking on the abbreviation of the Bible translation (e.g. ESV). A selection opens with the tabs my translations (mobile: my) and all translations (mobile: all). As a registered user, you can add your favorite translations to my translations via the star icon. For non-registered users, the translations of the current language appear there. In the All translations section you will find all the Bibles of all languages available on ERF Bibleserver. Using the search field in the tab you can quickly filter by translations or languages.

To change a translation quickly, click directly on the translated name. If you want to start or change a translation comparison, place several checkmarks in front of the translations. Then you have to accept the selection and the Bible texts will be loaded in the translation comparison.

To finish a translation comparison quickly, click on the Cancel translation comparison icon in the grey bar at the bottom left of the translation selection.

As a registered user, you will also find a button for quick access to the most recently selected translations or translation comparisons. So you can easily switch between your preferred translations.

The info icon opens an introduction to Bible translation. Here you will find further information, e.g. on the origin, distribution and special features of the Bible translation.


If you know the abbreviations of the Bible translations, you can enter them in the search box followed by a colon at the beginning and the translation automatically changes to them (e.g. ESV: or KVJ:).

For more information on using the keyboard to make selections, see the shortcuts section of Help.