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Start right here and search in 4 English and many other Bible translations. Compare different translations side by side, write down your personal thoughts on Bible verses and let yourself be inspired.


Unique Bible Selection

ERF Bibleserver offers a unique selection of modern and popular Bible translations. With more than 45 international translations, you'll find the Bible that's right for you.

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Many search options make it easier for you to find the Bible passage you are looking for. For example, you can search for subwords or in headlines and sort the result by relevance.

Extensive Translation Comparison

To delve deeper into the Bible text, you can easily compare the different Bibles next to each other. You can even juxtapose individual verses.

Personal Notes & Likes

Personalize the Bible: Notes allow you to make personal comments on the Bible text and with save your personal favorites via the like function.

Community Concordance

Public tags created by you and other users help you studying the Bible. They provide you with thematic access and a comprehensive overview of individual topics.

Explanatory Graphics & Videos

The biblical passages are supplemented by graphic representations of Bible verses and explanatory videos on the biblical contents. Bible reading thus becomes even more comprehensible and multimedia-based.

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ERF Bibleserver cooperates with many Bible societies and publishers to offer a unique selection of Bibles and further content.