Audio Bible

The audio Bible is part of the sidebar of the text view. If an audio Bible is available in the language of the user interface, it will be listed. To play the audio Bible, click on the corresponding line in the sidebar.

The audio player opens at the bottom of the website and automatically plays the current chapter. It contains standard features such as play/pause, volume on/off (desktop version only) and close. The autoplay function of the player (also only in the desktop version) automatically plays the next chapter at the end of a chapter, without you having to navigate manually in the Bible text. Please note that the view of the Bible text does not automatically switch to the new chapter.

Attention: The offered audio Bibles do not necessarily correspond to the selected standard translation - therefore the reading and audio text do not always correspond.


The audio player of the audio bible continues playing while you navigate on the website to open a new bible passage or to search for a term.