Translation comparison

In the translation comparison, you can display several translations next to each other to compare them with each other. You start the translation comparison by placing several checkmarks in front of the translations in the translation selection.

The maximum number depends on your screen size. In portrait mode, only one translation is displayed on the mobile device. In landscape format, it will be two translations on the smartphone. On tablets and computers, more translations can be displayed side by side, depending on the width of the browser window (3 translations from 800px). The restriction refers to the translations displayed - not to the possible selection of Bible translations.

In the translation comparison, the verses are displayed next to each other line by line. If you mark one or more verses, they will be marked in all displayed translations.

The order of the Bible translations in comparison can be swapped. At the top you will find a button with a double arrow between the names of the translations. If you click on it, the left and right translations will be swapped. This feature is only available to registered users (except Internet Explorer).

All functions of the text view with a Bible translation are also available in the translation comparison. In the translation comparison, the left Bible translation is the standard translation, i.e. Bible texts in other views (e.g. create note) are always displayed in this standard translation.


To change the default translation in the translation comparison, click directly on the respective Bible translation in the translation selection. It will then be set as the default translation.


Across different Bibles, the verse number may differ from time to time. For example, in the Psalms there are differences between German and Russian/Ukrainian Bibles, so that they are often shifted by one chapter. ERF Bibleserver does not automatically recognize this shift in the translation comparison. Where that applies the Bible texts camparisons differ in content.