Text formatting

Text formatting is available exclusively to registered users. This allows you to customize the appearance of the Bible text to your personal needs.

You will find the text format icon in the Bible text view to the right of the search box. In addition to font size and font, the text view can be individually customized. The following settings are available:

  • Limit text width: The Bible text is limited in width, so that a more pleasant reading is possible.
  • One verse per line: Each verse is displayed in its own line. This option is mandatory for the translation comparison.
  • Display headings: Show and hide the headings in the Bible text.
  • Display footnotes: Show and hide the footnotes in the Bible text. They appear as a tooltip in the Bible text when you move the mouse (or your finger) to the footnote number. In the print view, they are displayed at the end of the Bible text.
  • Display verse numbers: Show and hide the verse numbers in the Bible text.
  • Show cross-references: Show and hide the cross-references in the Bible text. It depends on the Bible translation whether cross-references to other Bible passages exist.

The text formatting (except for the font size) is used for the print preview.