To work with verses or verse sections, you can mark them. If you select individual verses, the sidebar will open automatically (Desktop only) and information about the selected verses will be displayed.

You can remember the marked verses as your favorite verses by clicking on the heart at the top left of the sidebar (likes).

If you want to share the marked Bible text with others (on Facebook, Twitter or by copying the link to the clipboard), use the share icons at the top of the page bar.

You can print the highlighted verses by clicking on the print icon in the sidebar. If no verses are marked, the whole chapter will be printed.

To mark one or more verses, enter the verse in the search box (e.g. Joh 3:12-16). Separate ranges within a chapter are also possible (e.g. Joh 3:12-16.20-21).

Alternatively, markings can be made by clicking on the verse with the mouse. To mark an area, click on the first verse and then, while holding down the Shift key, click on the last verse. Several separate verses can be marked with the mouse while holding down the /Ctrl key. This allows you to deselect single verses from a range. To deselect a single verse, simply click on the marked verse again.


If a translation contains headings, all verses of the corresponding paragraph will be marked/ deselected by clicking on the heading.