Search result

The search result lists Bible verses that contain the term or phrase you are looking for. The search result can be adjusted via the search box (see search Bible text or the search filter.

The search result also works in the translation comparison. However, there is no verse-to-verse comparison here. Each Bible translation provides its own search result. The respective number of hits is displayed at the top next to the Bible translation.

By default the verses are listed in biblical order. Search results from the Apocrypha are shown at the very end after the New Testament. Alternatively, the search can be sorted by relevance (top right selection). Here the verses appear first in which the search word occurs most frequently or a group of words is closest together.

In addition to the Bible verses, search results from secondary sources are also displayed in the search result. These are listed in the sidebar (mobile from below). All keyword-based resources such as tags, videos or dictionaries are searched. Here the search filters are only used to a limited extent.

You will not have to browse several pages for your search results. At the end of the site, further results are automatically uploaded.