Search filter

The search field already offers many possibilities to adjust the search query. In the search filters you can choose additional settings for the search result. You can access the search filters via the funnel icon on the search results page to the right of the search field.

If the search has been restricted or extended by search filters, this is indicated by an orange dot on the funnel icon. The search filter popup also contains a reset link that resets the search filters to default.

The following settings are possible:

  • By default, the system searches for whole words. You can extend the search to include substrings using the search for subwords option. Note that the search query may take a little longer, as no database indexes can be used.
  • In addition to the Bible texts, the headings can also be searched. Activate the option search in headings.
  • The Exact word order option is equivalent to putting the search term in quotation marks in the search field (see also search Bible text). Only those search results are displayed where a group of words appears exactly as it appears in the Bible text.
  • By default, umlauts are not considered in German. A search for "Vögel" also finds verses with the term "Vogel". If you activate the option consider umlauts, a distinction is made between a/ä, o/ö and u/ü.
  • The search can also be restricted to individual biblical books. This is possible in the narrow your search section of the search filter. Here you can select or deselect individual books or the whole AT or NT.