Verse view

The verse view gives you an overview with all of ERF Bibleserver's information about a single Bible verse. You can open the verse view by clicking on the icon with the eye at the top of the sidebar.

The verse view is divided into 2 columns. On the left side the Bible verse is displayed in all translations of the current language. Alternatively you can display the verse in your favorite translations. With the icon Settings you can also change the order of the translations in this view.

On the right side you will see further information about the Bible verse. As a registered user you can assign tags (keywords) to the Bible verse. If you have already done so, they will be displayed in colored chips. Below them you will find the public tags already created by other users for this verse in grey. You can add public tags to your personal tags. There is also the possibility to save personal notes on the Bible verse as note.

In addition, other suitable content such as Bible verse graphics or comments will be displayed. Also videos, ERF Workshops (online courses) and reading plans related to this Bible verse are displayed.

In the upper right corner of the view you can also choose to like, share or print the Bible verse.