On large displays (desktop) the sidebar will be faded in from the right. On small displays (mobile) it will be faded in from the bottom. In the text view, it offers extensive additional information about the displayed Bible text. In the search results, further keyword-based results from secondary sources are displayed (e.g. tags or videos). If no information is available for one of the categories in the sidebar, it will be automatically deactivated.

As a registered user you can change the order of the boxes via the Settings icon. The moving is done by Drag'n'Drop.

As soon as you select one or more Bible verses, the information in the sidebar adjusts to the selection.

The sidebar opens automatically for large displays when a verse is highlighted, and closes again when you return to navigate the Bible text. You can keep the sidebar permanently open or closed as a logged in user by pressing the pin at the top of the sidebar so that it is activated.

When the sidebar is closed, the desktop view shows some icons for creating tags or notes and sharing the page.

You can change the width (or height) of the sidebar. To do this, move the boundary bar with the arrow in both directions using drag'n'drop. ERF Bibleserver remembers this position and retains it when it is opened again.


If you want to use the sidebar on your smartphone, but don't want to open and close it all the time, you can open it completely in Portrait mode and then switch to Landscape mode to read the Bible text.