Reading plans

Reading plans help you to read the Bible regularly. ERF Bibleserver offers various reading plans, for example a continuous Bible reading or reading plans for a biblical book. Some of them only refer exclusively to the Bible text, others also have an impulse regarding the Bible text or an audio section (currently only in German).

You can get an overview of all available reading plans via the main menu. You can filter this view so that only your subscribed reading plans are shown. These are marked with an orange tick. If you have already completed the reading plan, the check mark is gray.

Reading plan view

The view of a reading plan contains a description and a list of all sections. You can also see the interval at which new sections are unlocked so you know in advance what to expect from this reading plan. By clicking on the button Subscribe you can subscribe to the reading plan and then go directly to the first section.

After subscribing, an icon for the settings of the reading plan appears. There you can choose whether or not and how you want to be notified. You can also cancel the subscription.

View of the section

If you open a section, the Bible text of this section will be shown to you. Sometimes you will get an additional impulse in text form or as an audio for the Bible text. The impulse appears below the Bible text. You will find the button for the audio on the right (desktop) or above the Bible text (mobile). The player appears at the bottom of the website.

To complete a section, click on the Complete section button (mobile: check mark). You will also see a checkmark in the overview of all sections when you have completed a section.

In addition to this view, you can also integrate the section of the reading plan into the view of the Bible text in order to work even closer to the Bible text. The impulse or the audio of the reading plan then appears in an additional box in the sidebar. With the button To section you can return to the view of the reading plan.


After subscribing, you can be notified of new sections. This is done via the settings icon in the reading plan view. Two options are currently available:

  • By email: You will receive an email for each new section. (Default)
  • On the website: A notice appears in the main menu that a new section is available. This is also indicated by an orange dot on the menu icon.