As a registered user, you have many other functions, such as personal tags and notes or text formatting. The following links will show you how to register and login.

To change the settings in the profile, click on the user icon in the top right corner (desktop) or via the main menu (mobile). Here you can edit the profile settings. In addition to standard informations such as name, email address and password, you can subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter or upload a profile picture. You can upload the picture by clicking on the big round icon/picture. Alternatively, the Gravatar profile picture can be used if you have uploaded a profile picture to your e-mail address. Gravatar is a service of Automatic, the provider of Wordpress, and enables you to automatically display the same profile picture/avatar matching your e-mail address on many websites.

The option Show search box permanently when scrolling causes the upper bar containing the search box to be displayed permanently on desktop computers. If this option is deactivated, the bar is reduced as in the mobile view. The search box appears as soon as you scroll up a bit.

The option Open external links with predefined translations allows you to open external links to Bible passages with your personal favorite translations. If an external link contains other translations that you click on, you will automatically be redirected to the translations stored in your profile.

You can also delete your user account (delete profile). Note that this process cannot be undone.