A tag is a keyword that you as a registered user can assign to individual verses or vers-ranges. In the beginning, a tag is private and only visible to you. But as soon as two more users use the same tag name as you, it automatically becomes visible for all users. This public tag collection works like a community concordance. It is a growing directory that provides a comprehensive biblical overview of individual topics.

Public tags are displayed as gray chips, personal tags in colored chips. As a registered user, you can add public tags to your personal tags at any time. By clicking on the chip you get to the tag view, where you can get an overview of the Bible verses belonging to the respective tag.

New tags

You can create new tags from the sidebar. First mark the corresponding verses in the Bible text (otherwise the entire chapter will be tagged) and then enter a keyword in the tags category of the sidebar. You can optionally add a color to your tag. To save, press enter.

Alternatively you can add one of the public tags to your own tags. To do this, move the tag with the mouse into the area of your own tags (Drag'n'Drop) and select a color. On mobile devices there is a + sign in the sidebar in front of the public tags to add them to your personal tags.


Tags are also displayed as hits in the search result. That way you can easily find content in the Bible that does not occur literally (e.g. 10 commandments).

Tag view

An overview of all personal and public tags can be found via the Main menu (tags). You can search for specific terms, change the sorting or change the display between list and chip view.

To see which Bible verses have been assigned to the tag, simply click on them in the overview or sidebar. A window will open listing all biblical passages for that tag. As a registered user you can switch between your personal verses (button only my verses) and the public verses of this tag. In addition, the list can be filtered by individual biblical books. By clicking on a biblical passage in the lines, the entire biblical text opens up. By clicking the button Bible context you can switch to the text view of the Bible passage. You can add individual biblical passages from a public tag to your personal tag (icon + in front of the biblical passage). Similarly, you can remove Bible passages from your personal tag (icon -).


In the sidebar you can move the mouse over a tag. Then the verses in the Bible text to which this tag has been assigned will be highlighted.

If it is a personal tag, you can edit (rename or assign a new color) or delete it with the buttons in the upper right corner. The tag view with the list of the Bible passages can be printed (for personal as well as for public tags).


Public tags can be shared. The icons for this can be found in the detail view above right.

If you notice that a public tag is being misused, you can inform us about the inappropriate content (icon with the exclamation mark in the upper right corner).