Notes are your personal notes on Bible verses. They are private and will never be published. In the sidebar, notes are teased if they were created by you for the respective Bible text. To use notes, you must be logged in.

New notes

You can create new annotations from the sidebar. First mark the corresponding verses in the Bible text (otherwise the annotation applies to the entire chapter) and then click + Note for ... in the sidebar under My notes.

The note view opens with the selected Bible text and an editor. Here the note can be created with basic formatting functions (bold/italic, bulleted list, numbered list, links). Finally, the note must be saved (apply). The note can be printed using the printer icon at the top right.

Note: The formatting functions are not available in Internet Explorer.

Notes view

You can find an overview of all personal notes via the main menu (notes). The view can be filtered by biblical books and sorted in different order. You can also switch between the list view and the tile view. To edit or delete a note, click on it. In the desktop view, individual notes can also be deleted directly in the tile view (a paper basket icon appears when you move the mouse over the tile).