Comments are explanations of individual passages in the Bible. They typically take the form of an encyclopedia entry or devotion and are designed to help you get more involved with the Bible text.

You can find them in the sidebar of the text view. It lists the different comments. The number in brackets indicates the number of matching entries to the Bible text.

The commentary can either be opened directly in the sidebar next to the Bible text or in a separate view. You control this via the "Show commentary in sidebar" option.

In the commentary view, all entries of a commentary on the displayed Bible text are opened. You can switch between the different commentaries using the selection menu at the top.

The comment detail box in the sidebar is displayed in an extra box. You can change the width (mobile: height) of the sidebar to make it easier to see large commentaries. In the comment detail box, you can use the arrows to switch between the different comment entries within a chapter. If synchronization is active, the system scrolls to the relevant Bible text. You can deactivate this in the upper area of the comment detail box (synchronization icon). At the end of the comment detail box, you can open the current comment in a separate view by clicking on "Go to overlay".

By default, the comment detail box in the sidebar is not closed automatically. To do this, you must click on the close icon of the box. The commentary is also not automatically updated when you open another Bible passage. You can use the refresh icon at the top right of the comment detail box to do this.