Exodus 25:31

English Standard Version

31 “You shall make a lampstand of pure gold. The lampstand shall be made of hammered work: its base, its stem, its cups, its calyxes, and its flowers shall be of one piece with it. (Ex 37:17; 1Ki 7:49; Zec 4:2; Heb 9:2; Re 1:12)

New International Version

31 “Make a lampstand of pure gold. Hammer out its base and shaft, and make its flowerlike cups, buds and blossoms of one piece with them.

New Int. Readers Version

31 “Make a lampstand out of pure gold. Hammer out its base and stem. Its buds, blooms and cups must branch out from it.

King James Version

31 And thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold: of beaten work shall the candlestick be made: his shaft, and his branches, his bowls, his knops, and his flowers, shall be of the same.