The most important functions of the website can also be controlled with the keyboard. The following key combinations are available for this purpose:


Highlights the input field for Bible passage and search terms
Shift + B
Opens the book selection (with focus in search field, additionally /Ctrl)
Opens the translation selection (with focus in search field, additionally /Ctrl)
Closes the current component and returns to the main view
or j
Load previous chapter
or j + /Ctrl
Load previous chapter and scroll to bottom
or k
Load next chapter
Open menu
Open and close sidebar
Open Help
/ / /
Navigation within book-, chapter- and translation-selection
Change between book & chapter selection or My & All Translations
/Ctrl + A
Sort Biblical Books alphabetically/canonically
/Ctrl C
List chapters in numbers or outline (headings)
/Ctrl + +
Add/unselect translation as favorite
Space bar
Add highlighted translation to selection (translation comparison)
Enter / Space bar
Select translation
/Shift + Enter
Apply translation selection

Bible text selection

/Ctrl + left mouse button
Marking multiple separated verses
Shift + left mouse button
Marking a verse range