The menu icon at the top left of each page opens the main menu of ERF Bibleserver over the whole page.

At the top of the menu you can see your login status. Here you can log in or register or edit your profile as a registered user.

On the right side (mobile at top) the most important features are listed. This will take you to your tags or notes, as well as other resources such as dictionaries, graphics and videos.

On the left side (mobile at bottom) you will find all other (partly technical) menu items. In addition to the help menu and information on data protection/imprint, you can also change the language of the user interface here.

Furthermore you can change the design of ERF Bibleserver between light and dark. In the darkmode, the Bible text is displayed in white on a dark background. This is especially useful on mobile devices or for reasons of accessibility.

Occasionally messages from ERF Bibleserver appear in the menu (e.g. about new campaigns or features). If there is a new message, it is indicated by an orange dot on the menu icon.