Ruth 3:9

English Standard Version

9 He said, “Who are you?” And she answered, “I am Ruth, your servant. Spread your wings[1] over your servant, for you are a redeemer.” (De 22:30; Ru 2:20; Eze 16:8)

New International Version

9 “Who are you?” he asked. “I am your servant Ruth,” she said. “Spread the corner of your garment over me, since you are a guardian-redeemer[1] of our family.”

New Int. Readers Version

9 “Who are you?” he asked. “I'm Ruth,” she said. “You are my family protector. So take good care of me by making me your wife.”

King James Version

9 And he said, Who art thou? And she answered, I am Ruth thine handmaid: spread therefore thy skirt over thine handmaid; for thou art a near kinsman.