Psalm 106:7

English Standard Version

7 Our fathers, when they were in Egypt, did not consider your wondrous works; they did not remember the abundance of your steadfast love, but rebelled by the sea, at the Red Sea. (Ex14:11; Ps106:13; Ps106:21)

New International Version

7 When our ancestors were in Egypt, they gave no thought to your miracles; they did not remember your many kindnesses, and they rebelled by the sea, the Red Sea.[1]

New Int. Readers Version

7 When our people were in Egypt, they forgot about the Lord's miracles. They didn't remember his many kind acts. At the Red Sea they refused to obey him.

King James Version

7 Our fathers understood not thy wonders in Egypt; they remembered not the multitude of thy mercies; but provoked him at the sea, even at the Red sea.