Ezekiel 27:25

English Standard Version

25 The ships of Tarshish traveled for you with your merchandise. So you were filled and heavily laden in the heart of the seas. (Ps 48:7; Isa 2:16; Isa 23:14; Eze 27:4; Eze 27:12)

New International Version

25 “ ‘The ships of Tarshish serve as carriers for your wares. You are filled with heavy cargo as you sail the sea.

New Int. Readers Version

25 ” ‘ “The ships of Tarshish carry your products. You are like a ship filled with a heavy load in the middle of the sea.

King James Version

25 The ships of Tarshish did sing of thee in thy market: and thou wast replenished, and made very glorious in the midst of the seas.