Exodus 29:9

English Standard Version

9 and you shall gird Aaron and his sons with sashes and bind caps on them. And the priesthood shall be theirs by a statute forever. Thus you shall ordain Aaron and his sons. (Ex 27:21; Ex 28:4; Ex 28:39; Ex 28:41; Ex 29:29; Ex 29:33; Le 8:33; Le 16:32; Nu 18:7)

New International Version

9 and fasten caps on them. Then tie sashes on Aaron and his sons.[1] The priesthood is theirs by a lasting ordinance. “Then you shall ordain Aaron and his sons.

New Int. Readers Version

9 Put headbands on them. Tie belts on Aaron and his sons. The work of the priests belongs to them. This is my law that will last for all time to come. “And that is how you must prepare Aaron and his sons to serve me.

King James Version

9 And thou shalt gird them with girdles, Aaron and his sons, and put the bonnets on them: and the priest' office shall be theirs for a perpetual statute: and thou shalt consecrate Aaron and his sons.