2 Kings 7:1

English Standard Version

1 But Elisha said, “Hear the word of the Lord: thus says the Lord, Tomorrow about this time a seah[1] of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel,[2] and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.” (2Ki 7:18)

New International Version

1 Elisha replied, ‘Hear the word of the Lord. This is what the Lord says: about this time tomorrow, a seah[1] of the finest flour will sell for a shekel[2] and two seahs[3] of barley for a shekel at the gate of Samaria.’

New International Reader’s Version

1 Elisha replied, ‘Listen to a message from the LORD. He says, “About this time tomorrow, flour won’t cost very much. Even 5 kilograms of the finest flour will cost less than 12 grams of silver. You will also be able to buy 8 kilograms of barley for the same price. That’s all you will have to pay for those things at the gate of Samaria.” ’

King James Version

1 Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the LORD; Thus saith the LORD, To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.