1 Samuel 29:1

English Standard Version

1 Now the Philistines had gathered all their forces at Aphek. And the Israelites were encamped by the spring that is in Jezreel. (Jos12%3A18; Jos17%3A16; Jud7%3A1; 1Sa4%3A1; 1Sa28%3A1)

New International Version

1 The Philistines gathered all their forces at Aphek, and Israel camped by the spring in Jezreel.

New Int. Readers Version

1 The Philistines gathered their whole army together at Aphek. Israel's army camped by the spring of water at Jezreel.

King James Version

1 Now the Philistines gathered together all their armies to Aphek: and the Israelites pitched by a fountain which is in Jezreel.