Explore similar Bible verses on Proverbs 1:24 in English Standard Version

"Because I have called and you refused to listen, have stretched out my hand and no one has heeded,"

  • Isa 65:12 I will destine you to the sword, and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter, because, when I called, you did not answer; when I spoke, you did not listen, but you did what was evil in my eyes and chose what I did not delight in.”
  • Isa 66:4 I also will choose harsh treatment for them and bring their fears upon them, because when I called, no one answered, when I spoke, they did not listen; but they did what was evil in my eyes and chose that in which I did not delight.”
  • Jer 7:13 And now, because you have done all these things, declares the Lord, and when I spoke to you persistently you did not listen, and when I called you, you did not answer,
  • Zec 7:11 But they refused to pay attention and turned a stubborn shoulder and stopped their ears that they might not hear.
  • Ro 10:21 But of Israel he says, “All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and contrary people.”