Explore similar Bible verses on Proverbs 1:11 in English Standard Version

"If they say, “Come with us, let us lie in wait for blood; let us ambush the innocent without reason;"

  • Ps 10:8 He sits in ambush in the villages; in hiding places he murders the innocent. His eyes stealthily watch for the helpless;
  • Ps 64:5 They hold fast to their evil purpose; they talk of laying snares secretly, thinking, “Who can see them?”
  • Pr 1:18 but these men lie in wait for their own blood; they set an ambush for their own lives.
  • Pr 12:6 The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood, but the mouth of the upright delivers them.
  • Jer 5:26 For wicked men are found among my people; they lurk like fowlers lying in wait. They set a trap; they catch men.