Explore similar Bible verses on Nehemiah 9:15 in English Standard Version

"You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger and brought water for them out of the rock for their thirst, and you told them to go in to possess the land that you had sworn to give them."

  • Ex 16:14 And when the dew had gone up, there was on the face of the wilderness a fine, flake-like thing, fine as frost on the ground.
  • Ex 17:6 Behold, I will stand before you there on the rock at Horeb, and you shall strike the rock, and water shall come out of it, and the people will drink.” And Moses did so, in the sight of the elders of Israel.
  • Nu 20:10 Then Moses and Aaron gathered the assembly together before the rock, and he said to them, “Hear now, you rebels: shall we bring water for you out of this rock?”
  • De 1:8 See, I have set the land before you. Go in and take possession of the land that the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to them and to their offspring after them.’
  • Ps 78:15 He split rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink abundantly as from the deep.
  • Ps 78:25 Man ate of the bread of the angels; he sent them food in abundance.
  • Ps 105:40 They asked, and he brought quail, and gave them bread from heaven in abundance.
  • Ps 105:41 He opened the rock, and water gushed out; it flowed through the desert like a river.
  • Joh 6:31 Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness; as it is written, ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’”
  • 1Co 10:3 and all ate the same spiritual food,
  • 1Co 10:4 and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank from the spiritual Rock that followed them, and the Rock was Christ.