Explore similar Bible verses on Micah 2:10 in English Standard Version

"Arise and go, for this is no place to rest, because of uncleanness that destroys with a grievous destruction."

  • Le 18:25 and the land became unclean, so that I punished its iniquity, and the land vomited out its inhabitants.
  • De 12:9 for you have not as yet come to the rest and to the inheritance that the Lord your God is giving you.
  • Mic 1:11 Pass on your way, inhabitants of Shaphir, in nakedness and shame; the inhabitants of Zaanan do not come out; the lamentation of Beth-ezel shall take away from you its standing place.
  • Mic 1:16 Make yourselves bald and cut off your hair, for the children of your delight; make yourselves as bald as the eagle, for they shall go from you into exile.
  • Heb 13:14 For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.