Explore similar Bible verses on Jeremiah 46:9 in English Standard Version

"Advance, O horses, and rage, O chariots! Let the warriors go out: men of Cush and Put who handle the shield, men of Lud, skilled in handling the bow."

  • Jud 5:22 “Then loud beat the horses’ hoofs with the galloping, galloping of his steeds.
  • Isa 66:19 and I will set a sign among them. And from them I will send survivors to the nations, to Tarshish, Pul, and Lud, who draw the bow, to Tubal and Javan, to the coastlands far away, that have not heard my fame or seen my glory. And they shall declare my glory among the nations.
  • Eze 27:10 “Persia and Lud and Put were in your army as your men of war. They hung the shield and helmet in you; they gave you splendor.
  • Na 3:2 The crack of the whip, and rumble of the wheel, galloping horse and bounding chariot!