New Int. Readers Version

A Message About Ammon

1 A message came to me from the Lord. He said,
2 “Son of man, turn your attention to the Ammonites. Prophesy against them.
3 Tell them, ‘Listen to the message of the Lord and King. He says, “You laughed when my temple was polluted. You also laughed when the land of Israel was completely destroyed. You made fun of the people of Judah when they were taken away as prisoners.
4 So I am going to hand you over to the people of the east. They will set up their tents in your land. They will camp among you. They will eat your fruit. They will drink your milk.
5 I will turn the city of Rabbah into grasslands for camels. Ammon will become a resting place for sheep. Then you will know that I am the Lord.” ‘ ”
6 The Lord and King says, “You clapped your hands. You stamped your feet. You hated the land of Israel deep down inside you. You were glad because of what happened to it.
7 So I will reach out my powerful hand against you. I will give you and everything you have to the nations. I will cut you off from them. I will wipe you out. I will destroy you. Then you will know that I am the Lord.”

A Message About Moab

8 The Lord and King says, “Moab and Edom said, ‘Look! The people of Judah have become like all of the other nations.’
9 So I will let Moab's enemies attack its lower hills. They will begin at the border towns. Those towns include Beth Jeshimoth, Baal Meon and Kiriathaim. They are the glory of that land.
10 I will hand Moab over to the people of the east. I will also give the Ammonites to them. And the Ammonites will no longer be remembered among the nations.
11 I will punish Moab. Then they will know that I am the Lord.”

A Message About Edom

12 The Lord and King says, “Edom got even with the people of Judah. That made them very guilty.”
13 He continues, “I will reach out my hand against Edom. I will kill its people and their animals. I will completely destroy it. They will be killed with swords from Teman all the way to Dedan.
14 I will use my people Israel to pay Edom back. They will punish Edom because my anger burns against it. They will know how I pay my enemies back,” announces the Lord and King.

A Message About the Philistines

15 The Lord and King says, “The Philistines hated Judah deep down inside them. So they tried to get even with them. They had been Judah's enemies for many years. So they tried to destroy them.”
16 He continues, “I am about to reach out my hand against the Philistines. I will cut off the Kerethites. I will destroy those who remain along the coast.
17 You can be sure that I will pay them back. I will punish them because my anger burns against them. When I pay them back, they will know that I am the Lord.”
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