New Int. Readers Version

The Lord Gives Amos a Final Vision

1 I saw the Lord standing next to the altar in the temple. He said to me, “Strike the tops of the temple pillars. Then the heavy stones at the base of the entrance will shake. Bring everything down on the heads of everyone there. I will kill with my swords those who are left alive. Not one of them will escape. None will get away.
2 They might dig down to the deepest parts of the grave. But my powerful hand will take them out of there. They might climb up to the heavens. But I will bring them down from there.
3 They might hide on top of Mount Carmel. But I will hunt them down and grab hold of them. They might hide from me at the bottom of the ocean. But I will command the serpent to bite them.
4 Their enemies might take them away as prisoners to another country. But I will command their enemies to kill them with their swords. I will turn my eyes toward them to harm them. I will not help them.”
5 The Lord rules over all. The Lord touches the earth, and it melts. Everyone who lives in it sobs. The whole land rises like the Nile River. Then it settles back down again like that river in Egypt.
6 The Lord builds his palace high in the heavens. He lays its foundation on the earth. He sends for the waters in the clouds. Then he pours them out on the surface of the land. His name is The Lord.
7 “You Israelites are just like the people of Cush to me,” announces the Lord. “I brought Israel up from Egypt. I also brought the Philistines from Crete and the Arameans from Kir.
8 “I am the Lord and King. My eyes are watching the sinful kingdom of Israel. I will wipe it off the face of the earth. But I will not totally destroy the people of Jacob,” announces the Lord.
9 “I will give an order. I will shake the people of Israel among all of the nations. They will be like grain that is shaken through a screen. Not a pebble will fall to the ground.
10 All of the sinners among my people will be killed with swords. They say, ‘Nothing bad will ever happen to us.’

Israel Will Be Made Like New Again

11 “The time will come when I will rebuild David's fallen tent. I will repair its broken places. I will rebuild what was destroyed. I will make it what it used to be.
12 Then my people will take control of those who are left alive in Edom. They will also possess all of the nations that belong to me,” announces the Lord. He will do all of those things.
13 “A new day is coming,” announces the Lord. “At that time those who plow the land will catch up with those who harvest the crops. Those who stomp on grapes will catch up with those who plant the vines. Fresh wine will drip from the mountains. It will flow down from all of the hills.
14 I will bring my people Israel back home. I will bless them with great success again. They will rebuild the destroyed cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink the wine they produce. They will make gardens and eat their fruit.
15 I will plant Israel in their own land. They will never again be removed from the land I have given them,” says the Lord your God.
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