New Int. Readers Version

Look to the Lord and Live

1 People of Israel, listen to the Lord's message. Hear my song of sadness about you. I say,
2 “The people of Israel have fallen. They will never get up again. They are deserted in their own land. No one can lift them up.”
3 The Lord and King says, “A thousand soldiers will march out from a city in Israel. But only a hundred will return. A hundred soldiers will march out from a town. But only ten will come back.”
4 The Lord speaks to the people of Israel. He says, “Look to me and live.
5 Do not look to Bethel. Do not go to Gilgal. Do not travel to Beersheba. The people of Gilgal will be taken away as prisoners. Nothing will be left of Bethel.”
6 Israel, look to the Lord and live. If you don't, he will sweep through the people of Joseph like a fire. It will burn everything up. And Bethel won't have anyone to put it out.
7 You turn what is fair into something bitter. What is right you throw down to the ground.
8 The Lord made the Pleiades and Orion. He turns darkness into sunrise. He makes the day fade into night. He sends for the waters in the clouds. Then he pours them out on the surface of the land. His name is The Lord.
9 He destroys places of safety. He tears down cities that have high walls around them.
10 Israel, you hate those who do what is right in court. You can't stand those who tell the truth.
11 You walk all over poor people. You make them give you grain. You have built stone houses. But you won't live in them. You have planted fruitful vineyards. But you won't drink the wine they produce.
12 I know how many crimes you have committed. You have sinned far too much. You crush those who do what is right. You accept money from people who want special favors. You take away the rights of poor people in the courts.
13 So those who are wise keep quiet in times like these. That's because the times are evil.
14 Look to what is good, not to what is evil. Then you will live. And the Lord God who rules over all will be with you, just as you say he is.
15 Hate what is evil. Love what is good. Do what is fair in the courts. Perhaps the Lord God who rules over all will show you his favor. After all, you are the only ones left in the family line of Joseph.
16 The Lord God rules over all. The Lord says, “People will sob in all of the streets. They will be very sad in every market place. Even farmers will be told to cry loudly. People will sob over the dead.
17 Workers will cry in all of the vineyards. That is because I will punish you,” says the Lord.

The Day of the Lord Is Coming

18 How terrible it will be for you who long for the day of the Lord! Why do you want it to come? That day will be dark, not light.
19 It will be like a man running away from a lion only to meet a bear. He enters his house and rests his hand on a wall only to be bitten by a snake.
20 The day of the Lord will be dark, not light. It will be very black. There won't be a ray of sunlight anywhere.
21 The Lord says, “I hate your holy feasts. I can't stand them. I hate it when you gather together.
22 You bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings. But I will not accept them. You bring your best friendship offerings. But I will not even look at them.
23 Take the noise of your songs away! I will not listen to the music of your harps.
24 I want you to treat others fairly. So let fair treatment roll on just as a river does! Always do what is right. Let right living flow along like a stream that never runs dry!
25 “People of Israel, did you bring me sacrifices and offerings for 40 years in the desert?
26 Yes. But you have honored the place where your king worshiped other gods. You have carried the stands the statues of your gods were on. You have lifted up the banners of the stars you worship as gods. You made all of those things for yourselves.
27 So I will send you away as prisoners beyond Damascus,” says the Lord. His name is God Who Rules Over All.
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